Curated list of messaging and collaboration solutions (2021)

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Introduction about messaging and collaboration solutions

Slack is used by many enterprises and open source projects, like CNCF, Kubernetes, Istio, Rancher and etc. Besides that, many communities use it. In this article, we are going to explore some of the chat and collaboration solutions.

Table: Curated list of messaging and collaboration solutions

Name License and pricing model Advantages Cons and pain points
  • Proprietary. Free plans is available but no self hosting
  • Paid plans are …
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Curated list of open source and low-cost wiki software (2020)

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Introduction about wiki software

I liked using Atlassian Confluence as wiki or knowledge management application. However, Atlassian had announced that the standalone server version would be gone in 2021 February. Also, there would be a price increase of all the existing data center version of Atlassian software.

So, let us look at other alternatives. In this article, I would briefly describe several open source and low-cost wiki and knowledge management software. We would have a summary …

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