SSD controllers and customization

The photo shows a macro of a silicon wafer.

A SSD controller manages the data stored on SSD and communicates with a computer or electronic device. It is a very important component and it would affect the performance of an SSD. I won't go into details about SSD controller here. Check the further reading section if you are interested.

It is very expensive (in millions of dollar) to develop a SSD controller. Most SSD manufacturers (for example: Corsair, Kingston, etc.) would not develop their own SSD controller. Instead, SSD manufacturers purchase …

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This is my first post

A photo with the word 'Blog'

Welcome to my blog. You can call me Kappa.

My blog is about computing. Topics that I am currently interested are

  • IT and IoT news and trends
  • Linux
  • Security
  • Storage

We are not locked into any of this, we would include other interesting topics as we learn and grow. I would also mention technical difficulty in each of the articles. Level 1 is the easiest. Level 2 is more technical and so on …

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